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Wild Pig Hunt at Hog Canyon  

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Wild Pig Hunting on the Walkin T Ranch

The Walkin T Ranch, located in Hog Canyon outside of beautiful Paso Robles, covers 2200 acres of hills and valleys covered in Oaks. Hog Canyon and surrounding areas are considered top wild pig hunting locations in Central California.

Guided wild pig hunts and seasonal turkey hunting on the Walkin T Ranch typically take place on the weekend and consist of up to two morning and two late afternoon hunts, usually Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Hunting guides are licensed and bonded through the state of California.

The hog hunting techniques used on the Walkin T are spot and stalk and/or ambushing. The guides frequently scout the property to observe animal numbers and movement. The property is given a rest from pig hunting during the week with most hog and turkey hunts occurring on weekends. To prevent over hunting we schedule an average of 35 hunts per year.